Week 4

This week I am in Wellington for four days of Professional Development. There are 21 of us on the programme so it's great to catch up with all the other teachers and have lots of professional conversations - we learn so much from each other.  

I've been to visit both a primary school and a secondary school here in Wellington, and I got some fantastic and exciting ideas from them! It was strange going into a high school again, I hadn't been back to high school since I left in 2000! That's a long time! I got to speak with the Year 9 and 10 children and see what they were learning about in science. The children were very engaged and could speak very eloquently about their learning and their thinking. At the primary school I took lots and lots of photos to remind myself of the ideas I got that our school might be enthusiastic to try. 

As we have been learning about different aspects of the science curriculum, we have also been discovering different activities and experiments to develop our understandings. This has been lots of fun and I'm looking forward to coming back and sharing all my new ideas with teachers and children at Matipo! :)

Here I am with my colleagues discussing our observations on what we saw happening when we mixed different substances together. 


Kaka at Zealandia

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